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Product Destruction

Secure & Confidential Destruction

At In Confidence, we understand the importance of secure product destruction for your business and the risk of having your private property end up in the wrong hands. We offer confidential destruction for a range of products to meet your daily or occasional needs to safely dispose of unwanted or outdated information.

Some reasons for destroying your products:
• New branding for your company
• Brand protection
• Public safety for faulty goods or products that don’t meet specified standards
• Financial securities for credit cards & store cards

Choosing In Confidence for your product destruction gives your company the peace of mind that your product will not end up at a local landfill or be resold and end up in the wrong hands.

E-waste & Product Destruction

In Confidence can destruct a variety of products such as CD’s/media, hard drives, computers, clothing, footwear, x-rays, games and other e-waste. In Confidence has multiple secure destruction solutions to meet the needs of your business. We use granulators with a screen size down to 3mm to meet the highest destruction demands.

Once your product is shredded in most cases it can then be recycled, helping to protect our environment.

In Confidence are leaders in product destruction. Call us on 1300 765 376 to discuss your product destruction needs.

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