Why Shred?

Privacy Concerns

Governments around the world continue to develop legislation to help protect individuals privacy.

Documents that contain any personal information including:

  • Names and addresses;
  • Phone numbers and email addresses;
  • Banking and financial details;
  • Medical records;
  • Legal documentation

must be disposed of appropriately. It is your company’s or institution’s responsibility to make sure that all information at hand is destroyed to a particular standard.

Business and Corporate Concerns

Businesses, companies and corporations must protect their intellectual property in order to be able to compete and also to survive. It is unlikely that you would send your competitors your customer list, prices or product information. Yet many companies still do not dispose of their records securely. Many still use Council collections or paper recyclers. Are you aware of the Standard for information destruction? Do not allow your competitors to gain an unfair advantage, let In Confidence keep your business your business.

Security Shredding vs Recycling

What separates a recycling company from a shredding company is that a shredding company has no interest in the value of the material it shreds. Its only interest is in protecting its clients information and product. At In Confidence all material is shredded through our accredited industrial shredders. After being destroyed the material is then sent for recycling.

A recycling company makes its money from the value of the material it sells locally or overseas. It loses control once the material is sold and often does not take responsibility for the ultimate destruction of the paper and product. There is no practical means of establishing the exact date that a record is destroyed. In the event of an audit or litigation, this could be a legal necessity. Furthermore, if something of a private nature should surface, the selection of this unsecured process could be interpreted negligent.

Environmental Concerns

The environmental impact of dumping product at landfill is not in our future best interests. In Confidence as an environmentally responsible company recycles everything it can after the shredding process.

Some companies choose to dump at landfill for economic reasons rather than choosing security shredding. Unwanted products are presently being dumped into landfill. The security of these cannot be guaranteed as many products could be retrieved at a later date.

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